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C Formell

C Formell

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Custom tattoo design for Clemence Formell

Black and white bicep (sleeve type) design.

Estimated start date: Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Estimated finish date: Jan- Feb 2020

Notes: A baby bat (photo2 & 2.5) because they have long suffered from a very negative and unpopular image but they are very important for the ecosystem. Personally I find this fascinating animal and I always liked seeing them fly near my house with my mother. She always taught me not to blindly follow general thought and to be considerate with nature and I would be eternally grateful to her for that.

  • Night magic
    I have always loved the night because it brings the unknown, what can not be seen. Here too there is the idea of ​​preservation because our modern societies tend to erase more and more night by illuminating it. and it's a problem for many animal species ... Night is important for imagination and inspiration, it brings hope and magic. This arcanic/fantasy aspect, it's something you're particularly good at bringing out in your works =) (as in the amazing work you did for the book Witchborn :

  • Flowers to adorn the bat and add some sweetness. I thought about dahlia flower (photo3), chrysanthemum (love the japanese meaning of this one) and jasmin flowers (photo4).

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