Looking for information on how I work, orders, and other common questions? This is the best place to find them. Cheers!


What information should I include in my design brief?

Information I need to have before I can start anything or even provide feedback includes: timeline, method of production, quantity of item produced (if applicable), desired rights for final artwork, number of designs and/or illustrations, budget, do you need the copyright, what products do you need the art for, subject matter, and any other information that could affect the artwork or production requirements.

What do you charge for a project?

I am sorry but every project is different, you will need to send me your design brief before I can provide a quote.

Will you create a movie poster for us?

Is it licensed? If so and the property is the right fit than yes. If not, no. I do not work on copyrighted material without the proper licensing.

Do you take on private commissions?

Yep! Sure do. Just send me a message with your idea and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Do you design tattoos?

Yes I do. Please note though that I am pretty specific about what tattoo designs I am willing to do. I also want to remind you to always spend time looking for a tattoo artist you want and see if they can create the design you want prior to asking another artist. Tattoo artists are amazing and have their own styles they excel in. Don’t miss out on an amazing tattoo without doing the research first.

Will you draw my cat?

Probably, yes. I friggin love drawing cats.

Can you draw my family portrait?

Umm, I have to pass on this because it’s really not what. You should probably find an artist who specializes in portraits.


I received an email saying my order is “Complete” but I haven’t gotten my prints yet. When can I expect them?

The “Complete” order status only means that it has been fully processed and shipped. You can expect your order within 5-10 business days after receiving the email.

 When are you releasing ________ print?

Apologies but I can’t give solid timelines for releases. For specific information on when prints will be released you can join my mailing list allowing you to stay on top of all releases. You can also follow my Facebook page where I post about prints as soon as they hit the online shop.

Do you have a studio I can visit or pick up prints in person?

Nope. Sorry. I work from home and would prefer that privacy be respected.

Can I reserve a print before you release it?

No. I don’t take any orders or reserve prints prior to the normal release time.

Can I get a specific number within the edition?

I package all my orders as I pull a print. Because of that it’s impossible to pull specific numbers out. If you are looking for a tour poster the chances I even have your number are low since the majority of the prints are sent to the band.

I tried to purchase more than one print in your shop but it wouldn’t let me, what’s up?

My policy is to limit the quantity of a new release that can be purchased in one order to only one. This is to allow a fair chance for as many people to purchase a print as possible. I usually remove this limitation after 30 days though if the print has not sold out. If you chose to place multiple orders for the same print before the first 30 days have passed your order is subject to cancellation at my discretion. I also do not combine shipping for orders that violate this policy.


What pens do you use?

I use mostly Rotring Rapidograph most of the time. I occasionally break out a dip pen and play with different nips, I couldn’t tell you which ones though. For very large areas I use a brush and ink.

What paper do you use?

A 2ply bristol or Arches watercolor depending on what I’m doing. Certain things lend themselves to one type of paper or the other better.

How large are your originals?

The size varies a little bit but they mostly range 3×4″ to 9×12″.

How do you make your drawings digital?

I scan everything in at 800-1200 DPI depending on what it is and then pull those scans into photoshop. There the magic powers of Photoshop come in.

Who prints your work?

I use Triple Stamp Press in VA for most of my screen printing. Triple Stamp Specializes in eco-friendly practices and they are one of the best shops I have had the opportunity to work with.

Do you really have all those cats?

Yes, I really have that many cats. And they are all amazing. 

How much do you draw each day?

A lot, it depends but it is pretty much always a lot.

How long does it take you to finish an illustration?

At minimum 2-3 days, most often 5-7 days, and for really big drawings about 10 days. Every project and drawing is different but this is a general estimate.

I also have a fairly comprehensive Q&A post on my blog featuring organized sections with answers to more complicated questions that have appeared in various interviews.

When do you ship orders?

I usually ship orders on Fridays or Saturdays using USPS. My schedule only permits me to process orders once a week at the most so please be patient. If you need your order processed before my typical shipping date or need it delivered on a certain day you need to let me know when you place the order. Expedited shipping will incur additional charges.

If your order is processed later than one week then I apologize, it usually means I was sick or just totally swamped.

How do you calculate shipping?

Shipping charges are based off the cost of shipping specific items and whether or not specific items can be combined in a single package. For example, I can’t fit notebooks and tees into poster tubes. So if you purchase items that require multiple packages the shop will charge accordingly. Otherwise your shipping charge is based on weight and size of the package as best as I could set up the shop to do so.

For international shipping the charges are set up the same way. I want to apologize for the higher costs with international shipping though, I really hate how much it costs but I promise I am charging the absolute least I can to ship overseas without paying out of pocket myself. Maybe if enough people complain to USPS they will lower the cost but I can’t do anything about it personally.

What kind of packaging do you use? 

I try to use eco friendly packaging as much as possible. Usually extra packing material even has “Please Recycle” on it because I really want to make sure I’m leaving as small an ecological footprint as I can while still running a paper based business. Small packages and clear bags used in my orders usually come from manufactures that use post consumer products to make the packaging.


What does HookieDuke mean?

Ha. Really this is a very random and silly nickname an old roommate gave me that just sort of stuck because I never had an issue with it being used as a handle by someone else. Unlike my actual name, which is insanely common.

Did you attend MCAD?

Nope. I didn’t. I do live in Minneapolis, but I never attended MCAD.

How did you get started as a poster artist?

This is kind of a long story but the super short version is that it was an accident. I met a guy, my husband actually, who collects posters and I was decided I really wanted to make some too. Everything about it was really by chance and unplanned.


Please remember to be ecologically conscious and recycle or reuse any packing you can!