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Andean Bee Specimen

Andean Bee Specimen


Shadow box entomology specimen inspired by the Andean Bee Butterfly by Erica Williams.

In classical antiquity it was believed that the soul left the body in the shape of a butterfly. The soft fluttering of a butterflies wings, like the flickering brightness of flame, was a symbol for the lightness of wandering spirits that would pass through the underworld on their night journey.

Featuring a solid black wood frame, each specimen features a delicately pinned butterfly with transparent wings articulated to reflect real butterfly’s wings. Mounted on a black background with raised levels of flowers and glittering celestial bodies, each shadow box enchants from every angle.

  • Artist Edition of 4

  • Black background with red artist seal (artist edition only)

  • Metallic moons and/or stars (not included in main edition)

  • Signed and numbered by the artist in gold ink

Materials and Specs:

  • Acrylic

  • Maple wood

  • Mohawk - Skin paper

  • Brass brads

  • Two Hole Mount


  • Height - 9.25”

  • Width - 9.25”

  • Depth - 2.875”

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