Erica Williams Illustration


Carleton College in Minnesota requested that I create a variety of illustrations for a new field guide and magazine feature focusing on the beauty and wildlife that flourishes within the Cowling Arboretum and McKnight Prairie. We produced an array of gouache paintings featuring both flora and fauna as well as a two page illustration meant to capture the atmosphere and magic of their beautiful space. Below is a selection from the 16 illustrations made.



Pieces created for "Apparition" at Gallery Nucleus Portland in May 2017. The show was centered around ghost/ghost-like image or the appearance of something remarkable or unexpected.

Gloaming Deviation in Lullaby

  • Letterpress print
  • Printed by Studio on Fire
  • Prints available through Gallow


Mirage Adrift in Xanthous and Err, Requiem's Ired Calling

  • Medium: Gouche
  • Art Height: 9"
  • Art Width: 9"
  • Frame Height: 15"
  • Frame Width: 15"
  • Features: Copper metallic painted accents


Hikaru and Akiko

  • Medium: Ink, water colour
  • Frame Height: 4.5"
  • Frame Width: 4"
  • Features: Gold metallic painted accents in matching vintage frame