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Peace Be Upon You

Peace Be Upon You

  • Five Color screen print
  • 18×24″
  • Printed by Triple Stamp Press
  • Edition of 140
  • French Paper Construction Whitewash
  • $5 of all sales are donated to the ACLU

A five color screen print in support of Muslims across the globe, with special emphasis on those affected by the Trump Administration's inhumane travel ban and the original 7 Islamic majority countries the ban covered.

A portion of all sales of this poster will be donated to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). They were one of the first to respond when the travel ban was put into affect, and continues to do incomparable and vital work both with refugees and millions of others who need protection and aide that governments have denied them.

In islam three of the most important animals are the cat (no kitties in this poster but I think this is an awesome fact), the most beloved animal to Muhammad, the bat is considered a miracle of nature, and owls are are a creature the soul turns into after one dies. Although Islam does not have any flower truly associated with it, many Muslim events such as weddings and funerals, use roses. Oleander is a flower that grows through the region affected by the travel ban. And, while the ban has since changed as of early March, the 7 stars (one is hidden behind a little bat!) represent the countries included in the original ban. The artwork also features symbols for islam, prayer beads, and the african symbol for "unity through diversity."

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