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Daily's Place Ampitheater

Daily's Place Ampitheater

  • Five Color screen print
  • 24×18″
  • Printed by The Half and Half
  • Edition of 675
  • French Paper Construction Whitewash

Five color screen printed poster for Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds performance in Jacksonville, FL at Daily's Palace Amphitheater on May 30th, 2017.

The clouded leopard is native to Taiwan, South China, the Himalayan foothills, Nepal, and Thailand, and India. Currently listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, they are extinct in Taiwan, and the total population worldwide is suspected to be fewer than 10,000, with no single population being larger than 1,000 adults.These adorable cats are the best climbers of all large cats Many of the remaining forest areas are too small to ensure the long-term persistence of clouded leopard populations. They are threatened by habitat loss following large–scale deforestation and commercial poaching for the wildlife trade. Skins, claws, and teeth are offered for decoration and clothing, bones and meat as substitute for tiger in traditional Asian medicines and tonics, and live animals for the pet trade. Few poaching incidents have been documented, but all range states are believed to have some degree of commercial poaching. 

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