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I love to create beautiful things. From illustrations and custom lettering to traditional art pieces I strive to present my clients with the best work possible that embodies what it is to be a craftsman.


I’ve had the pleasure of creating both print and digital design oriented projects. If I’m not drawing at my desk, it’s a safe bet I’m working on my trusty robotic slave to create something awesome.


I love traditional printing, I mean… really love it. Although I don’t have a studio equipped to handle print jobs myself I work with some amazingly talented people who do an amazing job.


I adore getting to work on larger projects that cover more ground than a single piece. Creating visual identities is one of my favorite challenges to take on.


Every project is a little different, but if you’d like to get an idea of how my process works just check out my Instagram or Tumblr. I post works in progress there regularly.

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Project Availability

The first step is to get in touch. Please visit the contact page and let me know about your project. Please include details like your timeline and what you are looking for.


I’m really lucky to work with these great printers who always do a fantastic job.

Screen print: Triple Stamp Press

Letterpress: Hound Dog Press

My Story

Location: Minneapolis, MN

I grew up in Colorado Springs, CO where I started drawing as a way of passing time. It didn’t take long for what was a hobby to evolve into a passion that quickly became a powerful driving force. I decided to attend Kansas City Art Institute before moving to Minneapolis where I worked various roles as a graphic designer for print advertising and screen printed apparel. When I decided to pursue creating artwork as my living it was a natural union with making music posters due to my love of illustration, hand lettering, screen printing, and music. In 2012 I made my first music poster and released my first screen print. 

Since then I have created posters, album art, t-shirts, identity, print advertisements, visual identities, and various merchandise for a variety of clients including Surly Brewing, QBP/Whisky Parts Co, Indeed Brewing, Chrome Industries, The Mountain Goats, Baroness, The Black Keys, Dave Matthews Band, The Tallest Man On Earth, and many more.

Influences from folklore and history can be found throughout my work and continue to inspire me. When I’m not working in my studio I can be found playing with my adorable kitty minions, biking or running, and exploring nature.

Erica Williams

Erica Williams

Illustrator, Designer, cute things addict

I really enjoy my job

My work can be found in anything from posters, magazine and newspaper ads, packaging, and marketing campaigns, to apparel but it doesn’t stop there. If I haven’t done it before, it’s likely something I’ve wanted to do. Check out my past work and get a peek at what I can do.

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